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2 Slim Treat Recipes

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In look for a low fat dessert dishes?, this is a light and luscious treat that is most ideal for summertime.

Active ingredients:

o1/3 ounce pack raspberry gelatin

o1/2 mug boiling water

o1 8-ounce block fat-free lotion cheese, softened

o1 mug low-fat home cheese

o2 cups fat-free amazing whip

o1 15-ounce canned peaches in light syrup, drained and chopped

oRaspberries for garnish


Add the raspberry jelly to the boiling water in a small dish. Stir for 2 minutes till the gelatin melts.

Place the softened lotion cheese, the home cheese in a blender in addition to the molten jelly.

Blend up until you acquire a smooth blend. Pour the mixture into a big bowl.

Fold up in beaten covering complied with by sliced peaches. Garnish with the raspberries. Location the dish into the refrigerator for 4 hrs.


This is about crusty fruit cakes and also cereals. You are complimentary to prepare it with other fruits.

o250 grams of apple

o250 grams of pieces of pineapple or same amount of various other fruits to your very own method.

o50 grams of conventional grain “All-Bran”.

o50 grams of cereal specification “Cornflakes”.

o15 almonds or hazel nuts.

oA piece of peeled off citron.

o3 spoons of sugar soup.

o1/2 tablespoon of cinnamon or a piece (2-3 cm) of ginger.


Add the fruits and also some water in a pan. Prepare like you are making compote. Include the piece of peeled off citron and also some citron oil decreases), the cinnamon (or the ginger) as well as after that mix well.
If you utilize very sweet fruits, you can add some more citron juice. Grind the almonds and leave aside. Grind the “All-Bran” and also the various other cereals, to obtain ordinary flowers (not powders).

Put the combination of fruits, and cover with cereals, as well as the pieces of almonds in a cake pan.
Place in an oven, thermostat 7 for 20 minutes.

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