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Recipe: angel food cake

Category: Cake Recipes Articles
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Dish: angel food cake

Angel Food Cake
Ensure you enable enough time for your egg whites to get to room temperature.

Usage cake flour,

not all-round flour. Sift flour repeatedly (several old dishes say to look four times).

Fold batter carefully, but make certain flour is totally incorporated.

Ensure all tools as well as containers are free of oil.

Use a Bundt or angel food pan.

When you remove cake from oven, the pan has to hang upside-down while cake cools down (or else it might collapse). Put four glasses on your counter, and also rest the cake pan inverted on them. You could likewise stabilize television part of the frying pan on a wine bottle or a channel. Or, turn the entire pan upside-down as well as allow it rest inside a tidy, dry colander. If your cake pan has little feet, do not rely on them to hang the cake properly. The cake will sag.

To cut the cake, use a serrated knife and also saw delicately. Do not push down on the blade. Or, you can utilize two forks and also draw the cake into pieces if you are making a trifle or using the cake for soaking.

November 4, 2016
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